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Brian Rousseau Sr Avid Fisherman Newberg, Oregon

I have fished for years in the ocean always catching fish, but have always struggled in the rivers.  Then I found Wicked Lures.

My wife hasn’t caught a salmon or steel head in the rivers. We tried them out on the Wilson River during a period of low water. Our first cast, we immediately hooked into fish and that continued all day.  Now we are both hooked on Wicked Lures.  Best of all, my wife loves to go river fishing with me now that we actually catch fish.  Needless to say, we were sold on Wicked Lures with our first cast.

We can always rely on Wicked Lures. They save us time & money because we don’t have to constantly struggle with rigging up different hardware & configurations. You take them out of the package and they are ready to go. I would recommend them to any one that fish the rivers.  We plan on using them all summer because we know we will fill our tags. We can’t wait to try them out in the ocean.

Fish On!