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I have been privileged to be one of the first of the very few to experience Wicked Lures from the beginning, and have been a true believer in these incredible lures since 2011. What makes these lures so unique is that they are not species specific. I have used Wicked Lures to catch steelhead,pink salmon,sockeye salmon,chum salmon,coho salmon and chinook. All of them will annihilate a wicked!
I featured Wicked Lures in multiple magazine articles: Salmon, Trout Steelheader, Northwest Sportsman and Fish Alaska.
Not only are Wicked Lures deadly on fish, the product is very marketable with an eye appealing design and one of the most eye catching logo’s around. When people see a Wicked they want to fish it!

Terry Wiest Covington,WA

“I had been following Wicked Lures for quite some time and after reading countless reviews of how well they work, I finally picked up the phone and called James personally. A fly angler at heart, I explained to him that I was offered a trip to the Olympic Peninsula to fish for salmon for two days and that we would be using spinning gear. I wanted to use his product. In addition to the level of customer service that I received, I was blown away by how productive these lures work. Various colors to accommodate changing water conditions, rigging instructions, etc; in 30 years fishing I have never caught so many fish!! I am sold on Wicked Lures and would highly recommend them to anyone! These lures catch fish! “

Spencer Woods Auburn, WA

“Wicked lures are something special. I started off with a few in my tackle box, not fully aware of the gems I had. I fished my homemade and other store bought spinners with some success but never found a true confidence bait. I gave a pink/chart wicked a try one day when the bite was slow and out fished everything I had tried previously. I proceeded to have my limit of silvers in about as many casts. Since that trip I have gained so much confidence in these baits and haven’t looked back. From salmon to trout to steelhead, I am catching more and bigger fish than ever before. The versatility of these baits is amazing and the components are of top notch quality. I always have a wicked rod with me now and I know it will find a way to produce when called upon. Thanks for such a great lure.”

Rick Denham Wicked Pro Staff Edmonds, WA

When I first was given a Wicked spinner I had no idea it would end up my favorite thing in my tackle box. The wide variety of fish that can’t resist this spinner is amazing! From Steelhead to Salmon and trout. I absolutely love it. The product is solid and I never am let down. Everyone needs a few Wickeds in their arsenal. I’ve had great success and it’s my go to lure…

Kimber Roberts Wicked Pro Staff Sherwood, OR

Magazine Articles

Lake Creek

You hear it all the time, a phrase that epitomizes what fishing on the road system for king salmon has become. It is a joyous exclamation, but at the same time it’s sort of sad: “I caught my king!” One king.
Maybe the fish was caught after several trips, or perhaps some angler had a lucky first day out. Either way, it is depressing to me. One king seems to be the expectation for fishing Chinook salmon in some circles. Not in mine, though. I want more, and more can be had.
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Written by: Wicked-admin