All of our fishing lures are

100% Custom Made

Rivers, Lakes, Saltwater Fishing

Introducing Wicked Lures®, the ultimate fishing solution for anglers of all levels! These innovative lures are specifically designed to provide a unique and deadly presentation that will attract more fish than ever before. Whether you’re casting in a river or trolling in a lake or fishing the saltwater. Wicked Lures® have got you covered. Their versatility design and action make them very effective from catching salmon to trout and steelhead and just about everything else in between. With Wicked Lures® catching fish has never been more exciting. Using Wicked Lures® provides a high-quality fishing experience and gives every angler an edge on the water.

Kings • Coho • Steelhead • Chum • Pink Salmon • Rainbow • Cutthroat • Lake Trout • Bass • Panfish • Crappie • Walleye • Pike




How to cast and setup Wicked Lures for salmon
Trolling for Rainbows
Trolling Wicked Lures For Coho Salmon
Chasing Trophy COHO with Nick, Ruben, James & Ken – DAY 1
Chasing Trophy COHO with Nick, Ruben, James & Ken – DAY 2
SMASHING Coho Salmon on Wicked Lures in Grays Harbor **How to Fish In-Line Spinners**
Swinging Spinners for Coho Salmon on the Quinault Reservation
Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead with Weightless Spinners & In-Line Sinkers
Smashville…Kings & Coho Salmon!

All of our lures

Custom Made

Each lure is custom made on monofilament line with an egg loop for holding bait. With your weight being 2 to 4 feet above the line, this allows the lure to pulsate and twitch back and forth naturally. This action and presentation entices the fish to attack the lure.

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