Brian McKay Pro Guide and Charter Service out of Kodiak Alaska

Alaska Outdoors Addiction is an Alaskan born and bred business that provides personal attention to each and every individual. Based in Anchorage, Alaska we provide exceptional service and experiences throughout the Mat-Su Valley and the Kodiak Archipelago. Our services provide private guiding in fresh and saltwater salmon and bottom fishing trips.

Brock Crocker Pro Guide and Pro Staff for Wicked Lures

Brock Crocker born and raised in Oregon minutes from the South Santiam River. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be either a professional baseball player or a fishing guide, obviously baseball didn’t pan out. I fished my way through my Bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University on the Rogue River. In 2017 I Started Crocker’s Guide Service and have since been traveling around Western Oregon Chasing Salmon and Steelhead. I fish out of a custom built 17’ by 61” Pavati with the most comfortable drift boat seats, a pizza oven and easy entrance doors. Wicked Lures are a part of my arsenal and a complete game changer for salmon. Please book early. I fill up very fast throughout the year.

Brock Crocker’s Guide Service

Ryan Jackson Pro Guide and Pro Staff for Wicked Lures

Ryan Jackson born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula near Forks Washington. I have been fishing since I could walk. Fishing is a huge part of why I never left the area.


And I always fished with family and friends. My father J.J. taught me everything I know and I passed it on to my sons. Around 7 years ago someone said you are pretty damn good you ever thought about guiding. I said No at first then messed around with a few trips. Then I realized how rewarding it was putting people on fish. I have fished people from all over the world now but in the last 3 years vie actually taking the month of October to guide. I’m a builder by trade but guiding has become a passion. One thing I can say is about 4 years ago I strictly started swinging wicked, back trolling them and it has literally changed my way of fishing. The stories are unreal and with the humble aspect of it vie felt like the top boat on the river many days, James has put a product on the market that unless you have used it you can’t realize how effective it truly is. The takedowns, the bites and just the feeling as a guide watching people make their own casts and just getting smashed. If you ever want the opportunity to fish in my boat you will learn quickly what imp about, the colors that imp using and simply the stories. I’m running a 17×60 guide model Willie boat and a 2017 Super Puma Raft. If you ever want to know pricing, set a date or talk fishing please call. The nice thing about me is the fact I can book a trip pretty custom to water conditions, how good fishing is and levels of rivers.

I can’t tell you what it is but James created something that is changing fisherman. If it’s not the color, the water conditions or the color of the sky, I make those types of decisions based on how confident I am in Wicked. This product has changed me so much that I would bet a weeks’ worth of guides just to prove to clients about Wicked Lures. Please book early I fill up fast come fall salmon season.

Ryan Jackson Guide Service Booking Info

Mason Jackson Pro Guide & Pro Staff for Wicked Lures

Born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula near Forks Washington. When I am guiding for fall salmon on the Olympic Peninsula I never leave the boat launch without Wicked Lures. These lures are complete game changer in my arsenal of weapons. If you are not using them then you not catching fish period. I am proud to represent such a great product and company. I fish out of a Willie 17” by 14” and it’s extremely comfortable. Please book early I fill up fast come fall salmon season.

Mason Jackson Chrome Chasers Guide Service Booking Info

Heather Curtis Wicked Lures Pro Staff and Avid Angler

Heather was born and raised in the PNW. She grew up fishing on the Puget Sound with her Dad on the weekends where she fell in love with the sport. In her early 20’s she decided to take up fly fishing where she spent a decade fishing throughout Montana, Idaho and Washington. After trolling the Sound and absorbing as much as she could fly fishing, she decided to take her knowledge to the coast of Washington where her passion exploded with her first coastal steelhead. From there, she has spent all of her free time chasing salmon and steelhead from the Dungeness all the way down to the Queets and every river in between. Heather’s drive is to be the most diverse angler, her recent bass explosion and using the Wicked Lure Bass line, has proven to be a hit for small mouth and largemouth bass. 5 years ago she met the owner and CEO of Wicked Lures. She was very intrigued by the Wicked Lures line and started using them on the Olympic Peninsula. Heather found immediate results, the bobber and eggs and the spoon fed salmon were the thing of the past for her.

Everything with the Wicked Line fell into place and made complete sense catching these beautiful coastal fish. Heather says “there is nothing like the direct contact and the dance that you have with the fish when you catch one using Wicked Lures”. For her, these lures combined all the different techniques, setup, and attraction that she had used for 30 years all wrapped into one. Heather joined Wicked Lures Pro Staff team in 2019 and is dedicated to supporting and teaching fellow anglers.

Jacob Conti Wicked Lures Pro Staff and Avid Angler

Jacob Conti originally from the Kitsap peninsula, I have a long rich family history here in Washington dating back four generations that started in the logging industry. I grew up fishing the piers of Illahee as a kid and fishing became my life, nothing much has changed. I started a small fly-tying business at the age of 14 and sold to a local hardware store for extra fishing money and built my first fly rod in 1996 and found my place in the craftsman world. In 2017, I convinced my wife that I was going to go into business building rods and Conti’s Custom Rods was born. Since I basically spent all my free time either chasing fish or in the mountains hunting, I think she thought this might be a good way to keep me home more weekends. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way, but at least it has become a family affair being out on the water or in the shop building rods.


I will never forget when I started fishing Wicked Lures, I spent the entire day casting in the frigid canyon and we hadn’t seen but one fish all morning, long about the time the temp warmed up a couple degree’s I hooked my first King, then another, then a third and a fourth and finally the guys in the boat said, “Damn Conti, what are you fishing”?! Thanks to my guide and best friend I instantly knew I was never going back to another spinner! There isn’t a day on the water that I don’t swing a Wicked anymore! There is no more questioning whether it’s a strike or not, fish HAMMER them.

They are a no nonsense lure that just works, they’re designed to fish and get the job done better than any other lure I have ever used PERIOD! I am proud to represent such a great company and an amazing product.

Conti’s Custom Rods

Greg DeLapp Wicked Lures Pro Staff and Avid Angler

My name is Greg DeLapp I have now been a Wicked Lure believer for about 9+ years. After being introduced to Wicked Lures I noticed the results right away and started recording how my fish were caught, Wicked Lures vs other techniques. I had 4 pages that represented 100s of Salmon, Steelhead, trout, and bass.  I was surprised at the results. 90% of the fish I caught that year was on Wicked Lures, yes, 90%. Now I was convinced they flat out get results.


Over the years I have fished seemingly, a thousand miles of riverbank, lakes, and saltwater fishing. I have learned many ways to effectively use Wicked Lures and I am still learning. By boat or land Wicked Lures produces results.


This is one lure you will always find in my tackle box. These lures are cost effective, I use mine over and over.

I no longer must spend my time prepping for a trip, curing baits buying tackle and flopping down another 100-dollar bill. I think I will never learn all the ways to use and the species of fish this lure will catch. As I say, “Wicked Lures work Anytime, Anywhere.”

We appreciate you for visiting the Wicked Lure website and checking out the product line up. This is a journey worth traveling, get some lures today. Share your success with us and techniques you find work for you. I am proud to represent such a great company and one killer product.

Rick Denham Wicked Lures Pro Staff and Avid Angler

Hi, my name is Rick Denham. Born and raised here in Washington State I have had the amazing opportunity to have been introduced to fishing at the age of 4 years old. A passion for this amazing sport only grew as I got older. Reading every magazine, watching all the TV shows, and talking to any and all for learning. I was like a sponge, and always on the water any chance I could. After playing baseball in Nevada for college and having the chance to fish a world-class fishery in Pyramid Lake I came up with the idea for Holy Moly Outdoors. Having the chance to share my learned knowledge with others, and have fun filming in the process.


A few years after I returned from school and started Holy Moly Outdoors. I was lucky enough to meet James Beasley owner from Wicked Lures. They say the rest is history but truly these lures have made me a better fisherman. I have fished Wicked Lures in Freshwater/Saltwater, rivers/creeks/streams, and lakes/reservoirs/ponds: all have which fell victim to the wicked bite. There is no greater thrill than seeing or feeling a fish slam a Wicked. They just cannot say no! I have caught more species of fish on Wicked Lures than I can count. I have not been able to find a more versatile and deadly lure. And not just blowing smoke, I have the video footage on YouTube to back it up. I never leave home without them. Make sure you have a couple as well! Fish on!