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David Cragg Wicked Pro Staff Abbotsford, BC

March 29, 2015 was the first time I tried Wicked Lures. At the time I was fishing for Steelhead on the Vedder River in British Columbia, Canada. The whole season I was having a difficult time catching anything and was feeling very defeated. I left work and decided to attempt an evening fish, having hopes of catching the elusive Steelhead. I put on the pink and blue Wicked Lure and low and behold, on my second cast, having been down at the river for no more than 15 minutes, I felt the exploding hit of a Steelhead. I have caught a lot of fish, and never felt a hit like that. The fight was on. (Video is posted to the website).

With the unique design of Wicked Lures and the action of the blade, I was very successful on landing this fish. After that, my confidence was high and I continued to catch many more Steelhead on Wicked Lures. I believe that every Fisherman, no matter what body of water they are attempting, should have these unique lures in their arsenal of tackle. I have no doubt that any Fisherman who purchases these lures will be extremely successful in landing the fish you are hunting. These are by far the best lures I have come across in my fishing career. It does not matter what species of fish you are pursuing, from Chinook Salmon to Trout, these Lures will put you into more fish guaranteed!