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Rick Denham Wicked Pro Staff Edmonds, WA

“Wicked lures are something special. I started off with a few in my tackle box, not fully aware of the gems I had. I fished my homemade and other store bought spinners with some success but never found a true confidence bait. I gave a pink/chart wicked a try one day when the bite was slow and out fished everything I had tried previously. I proceeded to have my limit of silvers in about as many casts. Since that trip I have gained so much confidence in these baits and haven’t looked back. From salmon to trout to steelhead, I am catching more and bigger fish than ever before. The versatility of these baits is amazing and the components are of top notch quality. I always have a wicked rod with me now and I know it will find a way to produce when called upon. Thanks for such a great lure.”